September 2021: 3D Bioprinting Conference

Our lab gave an invited talk "Zonal Structures for Interfacial Tissue Engineering" at the 3D Bioprinting Conference Organized by AIChE. Prof. Nukavarapu is one of the organizing committee members of the meeting. There was a great lineup of speakers and all the talks were well attended. Overall, it was a successful meeting in the emerging area of Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering.

August 2021: Biomaterials Forum cover

Our lab’s research related to a novel biomaterial development has been featured on the cover of SFB’s Biomaterials Forum.

June 2021: Special Issue

Prof. Nukavarapu co-edited a special issue on the Future of Biomaterials in the journal Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering.

April 2021: Biomaterials Editorial Board

Prof. Nukavarapu has been added to the Editorial Board of Biomaterials journal, which is the top journal in the field of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering


February 2021: UConn Today article

TEST Lab’s research has been featured by UConn Today in an article entitled “UConn Researcher Makes Advances in Tissue Engineering


November 2020: Article Published

Our work in the area of patient-derived biomaterials and stem cells and their use in developing bed-side tissue engineering strategies has been accepted for publication in the journal, Tissue Engineering A. The article is entitled “Evaluation of Autologously Derived Biomaterials and Stem Cells for Bone Tissue Engineering”.


August 2020: Associate Editor

Prof. Nukavarapu has been appointed as an Associate Editor for the Biomaterials section of the Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, and Frontiers of Materials journals. The journals publish articles across a wide spectrum with the goal of bringing biomaterials, bioengineering and biotechnology areas together on a single platform.


June 2020: Biomedical Materials Editorial Board

Prof. Nukavarapu has been added to the Editorial Board of Biomedical Materials, which is one of the prominent journals in the field of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

April 2020: Tissue Engineering Lab Course

March 2020: Tissue Engineering Journal Editorial Board

Prof. Nukavarapu has been added to the Editorial Board of Tissue Engineering, one of the prominent journals in the field

February 2020: Research Featured

Spotlight on Professor Nukavarapu’s 3D printing research

UConn BME Website 

August 2019: Journal Cover

Our collaborative research work has been featured on the cover: Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry. The article reports donor cell contribution to the newly formed bone.

April 2019: NSF Grant

Prof. Nukavarapu received “Tissue Engineering Science and Technology” award from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

March 2019: Article Published

Our group published “Evaluation of an Engineered Hybrid Matrix for Bone Regeneration via Endochondral Ossification” article in “Annals of Biomedical Engineering”.

February 2019: Teaching Excellence

Prof. Nukavarapu received Teaching Excellence recognization from the Office of the Provost, UConn

June 2018: REP Award

Prof. Nukavarapu received Convergence Level II grant award under the UConn’s Research Excellence Program (REP). It is to develop a Biodegradable Osteochondral Matrix Platform for bone-cartilage interface regeneration.

March 2018: Research Featured

Since Daily, IEEE Engineering 360 and R&D magazines highlighted our cover page article in JBMR-B.

March 2018: NSF Featured

NSF featured our Cartilage Template Assisted Bone Regeneration work. The JBMR-B cover page image is added to the Multimedia Gallery by NSF.

March 2018: UConn Today

Our group’s research is highlighted by UConn Today in an article entitled “Engineered Cartilage Template to Heal Broken bones”.

Jan 2018: Journal Cover

Our research has been featured on the cover of Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part-B. The article reports the design of a synthetic extra-cellular matrix for cartilage mediated bone formation

August 2017: PhD Defense

Ms. Deborah Dorcemus successfully defended her thesis “Inversely Graded Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration”. She is the third PhD from lab but first one from BME. Congratulations!!!!

July 2017: US Patent Granted

Our group has been granted with an US patent “Gradient Porous Scaffolds”. The patent covers the fabrication of biodegradable scaffolds with gradience in structure /composition. Our lab is developing these structures as scaffolds for osteochondral tissue engineering.

February 2017: TE SIG Chair

Prof. Nukavarapu has been elected as the Chair of Tissue Engineering Special Interest Group, The Society for Biomaterials (SFB). Before this, he served TE SIG in the capacity of Program Chair and Vice Chair.

January 2017: Grant Award

Our group received SPARK technology commercialization award from UConn. This is to further develop and translate our technology as a new generation osteochondral plug.

September 2016: Grant Award

Prof. Nukavarapu received Bioscience Connecticut pipe-line grant award. This grant is to develop our biodegradable graded scaffold platform into a technology.

May 2016: Journal Cover

Our article has been featured on the cover of Tissue Engineering A. The article reports In vivo evaluation of Oxygen Tension Controlled Matrices for Large-area and Vascularized Bone Regeneration

March 2016: NSF Grant

Prof. Nukavarapu received NSF grant to establish a summer school in Biomedical Science and Engineering. The goal of this award is to train and mentor minority students (MD, DMD and Undergraduates) in biomaterials and tissue engineering research.

August 2015: Text Book

Prof. Nukavarapu is a lead co-editor of a text book in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. This book covers regenerative strategies for musculoskeletal tissues and interfaces.

April 2015: PhD Defense

Mrs. Paiyz Mikael successfully defended her thesis “Hybrid Matrix Design for Cartilage-Mediated Bone Tissue Engineering”. She is the second PhD from lab but first one from Materials Science & Engineering department. Congratulations!!!!

January 2015: MTF Grant

Prof. Nukavarapu received Junior Investigator award from Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF). The grant award is entitled “Rapid and Effective Revitalization of Bone Allografts at the Point of Care”.

November 2014: FOE participant

Prof. Nukavarapu participated EU-US Frontiers of Engineering meeting in Seattle. The meeting was hosted by Boeing and the group was given a special tour to the Boeing airplane assembly factory.

June 2014: Symposium Proceedings

Prof. Nukavarapu is a lead co-editor on an MRS Symposium Proceedings published by Cambridge press. The proceedings entitled “Advances in Structures, Properties and Applications of Biological and Bioinspired Biomaterials”.

May 2014: Graduation

Ami graduated with PhD. She is a DMD PhD student and the first PhD from lab.

February 2014: Patent & Publication

Our group has been granted with an US patent “Carbon Nanotube Composite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering”. An article covering this research has been also accepted for publication in the journal “Biomedical Materials”.

December 2013: MRS Symposium

Profs. Nukavarapu, Reis, Liu and Coury organized a symposium at the 2013 Fall Materials Research Society (MRS) meeting. The symposium is entitled “Advanced Composites and Structures for Tissue Engineering”. More than hundred researchers in biomaterials and tissue engineering participated by giving oral/poster presentations.

March 2013: AO Grant

Prof. Nukavarapu received Young Investigator award from AO Foundation. The grant award is entitled “Design and evaluation of a matrix system with rapid and efficient cell loading characteristics for segmental bone defect repair”.

July 2012: Article published

Our group published “Optimally porous and biomechanically compatible scaffolds for large-area bone regeneration” article in “Tissue Engineering”.

May 2009: Grant

Our group received Campus Incentive grant from University of Connecticut. The proposal is to develop Nano-featured scaffolds with load-bearing mechanics for segmental bone defect repair.